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Still have not converted your website to mobile-friendly design? Here are a ton of reasons why you should convert right now!

I recently came across this great infographic about How to Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly from the guys over at First Site Guide. It's full of stats and advice. Check out in particular the section about what are the important mobile optimisation factors for consumers down at the very end.

Great Wifi Speeds with Virgin Media Hub and TP Link AV600 Wifi Extender - Eventually!

Our house is pretty much built with solid brick walls throughout. Whereas that's nice for the longevity of our home, it has been giving me a major headache with bad wifi in many areas of the house, especially upstairs.

*** Critical Security Update for MODX ***

Revolution 2.5.2 was released today. This patch release addresses a number of important security issues affecting all previous releases of MODX Revolution. In addition, there were a number of bug fixes and minor improvements. This is a Critical Upgrade!

inTandem becomes a Store Commander Affiliate

Store Commander is a fantastic module that helps make the management of your Prestashop website a breeze.

We're taking a little break!

It's been an incredibly busy summer and the next few months don't look any different. And for that we're extremely grateful. However, inTandem is taking a little break from January until June 2017 and we will no take on any new clients during that time. However, it's business as usual for all existing clients of course!

Is putting up pictures of team members on your website a good idea?

Never mind the statistics that support staff/team photos on websites lead to higher conversation rates (more on that in the article), I personally really love seeing pictures and not just names of the people I will do business with. But there seems to be something in our Irish psyche that makes us shy away from presenting our business selves online with more than just words.

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