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We're taking a little break!

It's been an incredibly busy summer and the next few months don't look any different. And for that we're extremely grateful. However, inTandem is taking a little break from January until June 2017 and we will no take on any new clients during that time. However, it's business as usual for all existing clients of course!

Is putting up pictures of team members on your website a good idea?

Never mind the statistics that support staff/team photos on websites lead to higher conversation rates (more on that in the article), I personally really love seeing pictures and not just names of the people I will do business with. But there seems to be something in our Irish psyche that makes us shy away from presenting our business selves online with more than just words.

Selling online - do you have up to date terms and conditions?

Have you updated your terms and conditions for selling online? Have you checked if your business must comply with the enhanced protection rights given to consumers or is your business subject to other rules? These additional protection rules came into force in June 2014 and reading through the actual legislation can leave your brain smoking. In this helpful article, Sligo-based solicitor Michelle McLoughling helps describe the consumer protection guidelines through a simple case study.

Carbury National School site named "star Site" on Scoilnet

What fantastic news to receive on a dreary Friday afternoon! I just received an email from Scoilnet to let me know that the Carbury NS website has been awarded a "star site" accolade. A great way to finish off a very busy week!!

Website Optimisation and Website Review Courses Coming Up!

‚ÄčAre you planning on developing a website for your business or are in the process of reviewing your existing one? Wondering if your existing Business Website is working hard enough for you? inTandem will be delivering a series of training courses on behalf of several Local Enterprise Offices over the coming months to help you get the most out of your online presence.

Problem with your magic mouse in Adobe Fireworks? Spotify might be the culprit!!

When your Apple Magic Mouse suddenly doesn't behave in Adobe Fireworks, who would possibly think that Spotify could be causing trouble? Or Radia? Or Google Play Music Taskbar? Well, the answer lies in these applications "binding media keys".

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