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Great Wifi Speeds with Virgin Media Hub and TP Link AV600 Wifi Extender - Eventually!

Our house is pretty much built with solid brick walls throughout. Whereas that's nice for the longevity of our home, it has been giving me a major headache with bad wifi in many areas of the house, especially upstairs.

Problem with your magic mouse in Adobe Fireworks? Spotify might be the culprit!!

When your Apple Magic Mouse suddenly doesn't behave in Adobe Fireworks, who would possibly think that Spotify could be causing trouble? Or Radia? Or Google Play Music Taskbar? Well, the answer lies in these applications "binding media keys".

How to Switch off the Broadcasting of Every Change to Your LinkedIn Profile

Have you ever found yourself making a small change to your LinkedIn profile and immediately you receive messages from a bunch of your contacts either congratulating you on your "new job" or asking what's going on? This is one of the more frequent gripes I have heard my clients voice when we chat about their social media profile management. Well, fortunately you can stop the broadcasting of these changes with just a few simple steps.

Catfishing and How to Google an Image

Apologies for my longish absence ... we are in the middle of a house/office move and tasks like blogging have been put on the long finger for a coupe of weeks! But I am back with a piece about a lovely, fake Facebook invitation I received recently. Anybody who has ever watched the MTV programme "Catfish" will know all about these, and thanks to the show I knew how to test if the profile was real within a few quick clicks.

How to Embed PowerPoint Presentations in Your Website

Have you ever created an excellent PowerPoint presentation that you would like to share with your customers via your website and ended up using a third-party slide sharing service? Wouldn't it be better if you could show your presentation as part of your actual web pages? And wouldn't it be even better if you could make changes to your presentation right from within PowerPoint on your own computer or even make it a collaborative task? Well, PowerPoint Web App will help you achieve all of the above.

Easily Create Web & Print Graphics with Canva

All of my clients will know that I am a massive fan of the free online image editor PicMonkey and always recommend it to anybody who will listen. However, I recently came across Canva, another excellent online tool to help you create stunning graphics for both the web and print. It's well worth a closer look if you like to keep your site's images fresh and up-to-date without tearing your hair out! And creating Facebook cover images is a breeze.

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